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The wide range of products we offer guarantees you’ll find something exciting that fits your vision. We have a variety of colors and materials to suit every budget and style!

At Alita Tile, Long Island’s leading retailer in specialty flooring tile sales, we know what it takes to design a unique home or office space. Working together with your interior decorators, general contractors or home improvement specialists, you and your team can rely on the expertise of an Alita Tile team member to transform your space and bring your vision to life.

The Design Center Vignettes showcase the latest trends in Glass, Porcelain, Mosaics, Ceramic, Marble and stone so whether your project is whole house, specific rooms or a combination of spaces, visit the Design Center to get ideas about how to mix and match tile sizes and placement. Of course, the popularity of certain colors, patterns and styles of tiles will influence the Design Center Vignettes but there are always traditional favorites and contemporary trends on display. Learn about textures, uses by space and color combinations before you make a purchase.

Alita Tile is the single source of purchase for beautiful tile for use on all surfaces and applications, including floors, backsplashes, walls, countertops and outdoor spaces. We have the greatest assortment of styles, prices and quality in addition to a wide range of materials, formats and looks on display and an onsite warehouse for convenient pickup and delivery. Our tile collections are imported from Spain and Italy, so you are assured of purchasing quality durable and timeless tiles. With an infinite number of design combinations to choose from, you will be able to find the Showroom displays to assist you in matching your specific style.

With our Room Visualizer, you can start your project online. Simply create your account, customize your layout, choose the tiles and share your ideas with a friend or your contractor. After you are satisfied with your choices, schedule your private one on one consultation with a staff member and come into the showroom to see your ideas in real time. Ask questions about materials, finishes, uses, selection, application techniques and layout.

We work closely with a growing group of trade professionals and industry members including Architects, Contractors, Interior Designers and Home Improvement Experts. Our staff is a point of contact for you and your design team, so questions and concerns are addressed together to ensure that your expectations are fully met. Conveniently located on the north service road of Sunrise Highway in Bohemia, we encourage customers to invite their design and building partners to participate.

If you have a project, we have a tile to complement your design goals. Residential homes and outdoor living spaces, Commercial Office Building lobbies, Warehouse Restrooms, Bars, Restaurants and Lounges, Office buildouts, Healthcare, Hospitality and Mixed Use. The only limitation is your imagination.

Our staff has experience in fulfilling the basic orders through to the most challenging and unique projects.

Qualis Lustre Room Scene 6
Qualis Valletta Room Scene 4

Completely satisfied? Make your purchase and have your contractor pick up the tile, have it delivered or arrange to bring it home for your DIY project.

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