Most homeowners prefer to use tiles for their bathrooms, kitchens, and even statement wall arts. But maintaining these tiles can seem like a challenge if you don’t know the proper techniques.

Here’s a quick guide on how to clean and maintain different kinds of tiles.

Porcelain and Ceramic

These are some of the most common residential-use tiles for bathrooms and kitchen walls. Ceramic tiles are also the easiest to maintain, so you don’t have to spend too much time cleaning them.

One common problem homeowners face with ceramic tiles is that dirt often collects in its edges and grout lines. Wipe it with a wet cloth and a mild soap to preserve its quality and clean the stains as soon as they occur. A quick way to deal with dirt is to scrub it with a brush using a solution of baking soda and dishwashing liquids or detergents.

Stone Tiles

Stone tiles have become increasingly popular these days. They are used at entrances or living rooms to create a statement wall. However, dust accumulates on them very quickly because of their texture.

To clean these tiles, dilute isopropyl alcohol in a liter of water. It’s best not to use regular cleaners as they may damage the stones.

It would also be unwise to use lemon and vinegar-based cleaning solutions, since they may damage your tiles. For marble, you can add a coat of dust repellent sealer after cleaning them to make the tile last for a long time.

Terracotta Tiles

As earthy and vintage designs gain more popularity, most homeowners prefer these tiles. Since terracotta is a porous material, it absorbs a lot of dust.

However, cleaning it is not that hard. Use a regular soap with a cloth and clean with mild pressure. Terracotta tiles are often delicate, so do not apply too much pressure.

You may have to clean these tiles more often than others. So it’s recommended you opt for glazed terracotta tiles, which attract less dust due to their non-porosity. These tiles have a smoother surface, and the additional glaze layer will also improve the durability of the tiles.

Cement Tiles

Once an unpopular choice, cement tiles have gained popularity among designers because of their unique designs. These tiles are generally colorful, and therefore, maintaining their color is vital to get the most out of the look.

While regular cleaning is sufficient, you must ensure that no liquid sits on them for long and that you wash off stains immediately. It’s best to refinish cement tiles every year to maintain their original charm. These tiles are a popular choice for outdoor settings like driveways and garages.

Tiles enhance our homes in many ways, and knowing how to maintain them is vital. We hope you gained some insight into how you can maintain the tiles of your home. If you’re looking to redesign your home and need some great tiles, don’t forget to check out the tiles at Alita Tile.

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