Tile has the ability to change the total look and feel of a space, but it’s not just for bathrooms and kitchens! Tile can be used in a wide variety of spaces, with coordinating textures and colors to suit any style. At Alita Tile, we help our clients to choose the best tiles for their homes.

Recent years have introduced a new architectural design to many homes that brings rooms together to make a great room. Gone are the days of separating the kitchen from the living room or front room. Now entryways and mudrooms often spill into the main area of the home, walls between rooms are taken down or never built, and great rooms appear. This layout helps to facilitate the mingling of family members with each other as well as hosts and guests so as not to disconnect the flow of enjoying each other’s company.


Tips for Using Tile in Your Multipurpose Spaces

Your family’s overall lifestyle will have a lot to say when it comes to choosing tile for the multipurpose spaces in your home. Kids and pets might require more durable, maintenance-free materials, making tile an excellent choice for floors. Our wood-grain tile, for example, won’t warp or buckle if it gets wet and is significantly more scratch-resistant than actual wood!

Create a cohesive look from room to room by using the same tile in each space. You could even create an indoor-outdoor appearance by using tile on your patio as well! This will make your multipurpose space seem larger than it is, and create new possibilities for how it is used.

Don’t forget to step outside of your comfort zone a little! Tile is common on floors, but it can also be used on the wall. The team at Alita Tile is here to help you make your interior design dreams a reality.


Best Types of Tile for Multipurpose Spaces

With the great room design comes new ideas for potentially new uses. Alita Tile has some complementary types of tile and designs when it comes to helping you choose the right flooring for your multipurpose spaces. Some favorite types of tile we work with include:

  • Subway tile:It can be incorporated into several areas of the multipurpose spaces in your home. It might begin in the kitchen as a backsplash, but similar or other tile shapes and colors can cover your kitchen floor and move into the great room. Area rugs can change the look of a particular area while allowing the openness of the great room to continue.
  • Glass tiles: They really give a room that “Wow!” factor. A look perhaps reminiscent of the early 20th century, glass tiles can be used in small sections or for a divider that isn’t an actual wall. The translucent glass lets you know that the room continues but with a privacy factor to some degree. This can be used for entryways to bed or bathrooms without totally closing off the area. Glass tiles can partially enclose an indoor terrarium for a mid-20th century vibe.
  • Ceramic tile with grout: This type of tile is more involved when it comes to placing the ceramic on your floor. Installation takes longer, but that particular look you have in mind will make it all worth it. Ceramic tile is a top choice for multipurpose rooms and is seamless as it passes from one area to the next.

Alita Tile in Bohemia, NY, is your tile expert for multipurpose spaces. Call us today for a free estimate and ideas on tile use throughout your home.

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