Thinking of replacing the tiles in your kitchen or bathroom? Any kind of upgrade can instantly act as a mood-lifter. While some people might choose to go the DIY route with Pinterest as a reference, the services of a tile expert can take off all the workload.

In this blog, we will understand why design consultation can elevate your tile selection.

Top-3 Reasons Why Design Consultation is Essential When Redesigning Tiles

1. You’ll Need to Understand the Right Type of Tile to Choose

When installing a new tile, you’ll have to make plenty of choices:

  • What kind of tile shape would be best suited for the allocated space? Will square look better, or should you go for a hexagonal shape for instance?
  • What kind of tile colors would you want to go for? Should you choose contrasting colors or more monotone hues?
  • How much wear-and-tear will the tile experience in the long run?
  • Where will the tile be installed? (think: floor, wall, shower area, kitchen top, etc.)
  • What kind of laying pattern would complement the style and colors chosen? Should you opt for diagonal, straight, or irregular?
  • Will you need to replace any existing items (for example, the sink, cabinets, etc.) or modify the existing structure?

All these factors need to be considered in sync, which is why you should opt for the services of a design consultant.

2. Too Many Options Can Become Chaotic

One of the biggest pain points of choosing a tile is selecting one that speaks to your individualistic style while also complements your bathroom/kitchen’s aesthetics. Balancing this is a fine art, best left to the experts.

They will help you to choose the best tile, keeping in mind critical factors such as lighting, durability, etc. which can often go amiss. For instance, a gorgeous-looking, slippery tile may not be functionally appropriate if you have small kids.

Pro-tip: If you have spare samples of other materials in your space, make sure to bring it in when consulting the designer. This speeds up the process and ensures you’re on the right track from the very beginning.

3. Designers Can Help Bring Your Ideas to Life

It is one thing to search for images on Pinterest, and another ballgame altogether to see those ideas come to life. Circling back to the previous point, factors such as budget limitations, scope creep, color schemes, etc. can get in the way.

For instance, if you have an open floor plan, and you want to retile the bathroom, you’ll need to consider the tile colors of the adjacent rooms. With their vast experience, designers can guide buyers with practical tips and suggestions instead of getting lost in the aesthetics and forgetting all about functionality.


Designers always have an eye for detail and can end up providing ‘mood boards’ for your design inspiration. By understanding the theme and important elements, you can move ahead with greater confidence.

If you have any further questions, please get in touch with us at Alita Tile.


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