Tiles are one of the most versatile materials out there—and by far our favorite material at Alita Tile! Tiles are amazing for your home improvement projects, yes, but did you know the leftover material can be used in creative ways too? If you have any leftover tiles after a project, here are some clever ways you can use them.

Enjoy a Gorgeous Backsplash

If you have a lot of leftover tiles, you can go ahead and create a beautiful tile backsplash for your kitchen! A good backsplash is a perfect way to showcase your personality within your cooking space. Use the right grout color, and you get the practical benefit of covering up your kitchen messes as well!

Upcycle Old Furniture

Leftover tiles are a simple and fun way for you to upgrade your old furniture—and it’s cheaper than buying new items! If you’ve got an old coffee table or bedside cabinet lying around, why not give it a new look with your leftover tiles? Nothing says custom decor like your own personalized tile design.

Revamp Wet or Dry Bars

Want to give your wet or dry bar (or both!) a new look? Leftover tiles can get the job done! Tiles are a great way to protect your wet bar, but they also add a layer of sophistication to a dry bar. Use stone tiles for a rustic look, or create a modern vibe with shiny glass.

Transform Your Planters

We love the idea of mosaic plant pots—they’re beautiful, customized, and will add the perfect splash of color to your space. This is one of the more low-maintenance DIY projects you can do with leftover tiles since you don’t need much to work with. All you need is a hammer to carefully smash up your tiles, a tile adhesive, and matching grout. As for the design, it’s entirely up to you!

Accentuate With Mosaics

If your tiles are smaller and in different colors, you could create some beautiful mosaics to really make your interior stand out. You can give your bathroom mirror a style boost by bordering it with square or abstract mosaics, or create a customized mosaic to create a statement piece on your walls!

Get Creative With Custom Lighting

Custom lighting is a great way to enhance your home’s decor while adding a touch of personality. Leftover tiles, especially glass tiles, can be used to create a beautiful custom light for your bedroom, living, or dining room. These decorative pieces won’t just be the perfect finishing touch for your home, but will also highlight your interior.

Highlight the Outdoors

Want to focus on the outdoors instead? Tiles are a great way to visually improve your outdoors, not just for the aesthetic but to increase durability (based on the type of tile). Consider creating a mosaic walkway, or adding some glamour to your deck or patio with your leftover tiles.

At Alita Tile, we provide for all your tile and design needs, with one-on-one consultations with our design team so you can enjoy living in the space of your dreams. Call us at 631-589-8453 or contact us online to get started!

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