Choosing Tiles for your Bathroom

Your bathroom is as important as the rest of your house. Therefore, the care you take in choosing paints and furniture for your home needs to be echoed in choosing the best tiles for your bathroom.

There is no shortage of variety when it comes to choosing bathroom tiles. Depending on your design and your ultimate vision for your bathroom, you can choose and mix different styles and designs till your find the perfect one.

Here are a few tips to make choosing bathroom tiles easier!

Choose Your Stand-Out Feature Tile

When designing your dream bathroom, you may have envisioned a specific tile or a stand-out tile. This tile will be the focus of your bathroom. Choose this unique and special tile first. Then, make sure it fits into the other concepts in the bathroom you are trying to build.

If you have a bathtub or an area in the bathroom you want to highlight, you can choose textured tiles or designer tiles that emphasize that part of the bathroom.

Do Not Go Overboard on Designs

Try to limit your tile designs to two, and definitely no more than three!. If you add a lot of designs, it will take away from the bathroom’s aesthetic appeal. Usually, you may mix and match your tile designs to create something unique. However, if your stand-out tile has many colors and textures, you should ideally choose a plainer set of surrounding tiles.

Keep Future Maintenance in Mind

When choosing your bathroom tiles, always think about the future. Bathroom tiles need regular cleaning. Constant moisture and water droplets may cause mildew to form on the tiles and cause them to discolor. Choose tiles with textures that are easier to clean or even those that need very little maintenance. You may need to spend more on the low-maintenance tiles; however, these will be beneficial in the long term.

Choose Tiles To Scale

Bathroom tiles need to match the size of your bathroom. If you have a small bathroom and choose big tiles, it will make your bathroom look even smaller. And if you have a bigger bathroom and choose small tiles, it may take away from the bathroom’s overall look. So choose tiles that complement the size of your bathroom. Another way to make your bathroom look bigger is to choose white or light-colored tiles rather than dark-colored ones.

Your bathroom is part of your home and needs to be designed according to your personality. When you’re ready to choose your tiles, head to Alita Tile. Our team has the expertise and advice that can help you take your bathroom from boring to beautiful.