5 Kitchen Wall Tile Ideas for Stylish Home Decor

The kitchen is generally referred to as the ‘heart of a home.’ Not only does it need to be ergonomic, but it should also impart a mesmerizing aesthetic appeal at all times. However, the cooking process can sometimes get chaotic and leave the space looking messy.

Tiles can save you the extra hassle of scrubbing or repainting the walls while also sprucing up the artistic element of your kitchen space. So let’s go over some different types of tiles!

Subway Tiles

Subway tiles (also sometimes termed as ‘metro’ tiles) are among the most popular kitchen wall designs because of their classic look. They are easy to install, affordable, and lend an air of matter-of-factness to the kitchen space.

These minimalistic wall tiles can tile the entire horizontal wall area of the kitchen and will render an elegant yet traditional vibe. Pairing such a practical design with dark colors also makes it immune to dirt splashes.

Mix and Match Tiling

If you prefer a more vibrant feel for your kitchen space, mix and match tiles offer a unique and lively style statement. Just like variety adds spice to your lives, a collage of differently styled tiles expresses a striking flavor of individuality.

While bespoke finishes are always out-of-reach, the ‘mixed’ collection ensures that your kitchen design houses a novel combination of textures and hues, unlike any other household.

Painted Glass Tiles

If adding prints, textures, and shades is not your thing, painted glass tiles offer a shiny finish that looks classy. Painted glass tiles can have very subtle patterns while still looking uniform and stylish.

Such tiles often fall midway between deeply monotonous and highly stimulating wall designs. Their reflective properties with a single-tone backdrop add a sophisticated touch to the cooking space and are also easy to maintain & keep clean.

Polygon-Shaped Tiles

Kitchen wall tiles don’t necessarily have to be boring old squares or rectangles made to fit the length and breadth of the wall. Polygon-shaped tiles, especially hexagonal ones, with a lively color stand out exquisitely.

You can always choose to use multiple polygonic tiles of different shapes to create a work of art in its own right on your kitchen walls!

Backsplash Tiles

The wall area over your kitchen counter and sink is regularly prone to dirt and stains. Installing a backsplash offers a wipe-clean surface while also injecting a healthy dose of texture and pattern onto a dull wall. The extra cost will be worth every penny in the long run.

You can also extend your backsplash higher than usual to create an illusion of a high ceiling.

While flooring, cabinet structure & design, countertops, and color scheme do play a major role in styling, selecting the right tile for your kitchen is just as important!

Since the kitchen is one of the more prime spots in any home setting, it is vital to have the design setup complement the rest of the house interior while being adequately functional at the same time. Also, you can fabricate a unified scheme by picking kitchen flooring that matches the backsplash tiles.

When you’re ready to make your kitchen pop, you can trust the best. Come on over to Alita Tile – we can’t wait to help bring beauty and functionality into your kitchen!

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