Dripping water from the ceiling is a ghastly sight that no one enjoys dealing with. It is inconvenient and can quickly elevate to a level-1 disaster if not immediately taken care of.

In such situations, waterproofing your bathroom area, including your shower and tub, becomes essential.

Waterproofing refers to applying waterproof or water-resistant materials and systems that prevent the water from passing through the walls. This blog will look at the top-5 reasons why waterproofing your bathroom with professional help is key.

Let’s get to it right away.

Top-5 Reasons Why Waterproofing Your Bathroom is of Paramount Importance

It Stops Leaks

Waterproofing your tub or shower can prevent leaks. Gravity encourages water to go downwards. If there is even a small crack anywhere along the way, be it on walls or your floor, water will start flowing out, leading to pesky leakages that make everything difficult and uncomfortable. This water can eventually cause damp walls or have water dripping through electrical fixtures (think: light bulbs).

A professional will stop the leakage problem and inspect the area thoroughly to ensure there are no gaps or cracks that go unnoticed.

It Helps Prevent Mold and Dampness

If you look carefully, you will notice that the interior tiles often reveal dampness. The material, be it wood, brick, or anything else, might have rotten due to fungi. The rotting generally happens because the water entering the top layer penetrates the tile surface.

A professional tile servicing agency will suggest the right kind of waterproof barrier you should install to prevent the mold and dampness from worsening and eliminate the chances of a condensation build-up.

It Acts as a Great Insulator

Another advantage of waterproofing your bathroom is that it acts as a great insulator. For example, you can use a waterproof boarding to keep your walls from becoming icy during the winter season.

These boards can trap some heat and, as a bonus, reduce your energy bills in the process!

It Extends Your Bathroom’s Longevity

It is inevitable that the shower and tub areas are constantly exposed to water vapor. Consequently, the bathroom walls absorb and retain the vapor for a long time. As a result, the moisture erodes the underlying material, causing extensive damage.

As you can imagine, this kind of structural damage will skyrocket the repair costs.

So it is essential to seek expert help and extend the lifespan of your bathroom while reducing maintenance costs.

It Lowers the Chances of Water Ingress or Early Paint Failure

Not waterproofing your bathroom can cause plenty of other issues such as mold growth, rotten wood, early paint failure, corroded metal surfaces, etc. If your bathroom is constantly exposed to high humidity levels, it might be time to waterproof it with a specialist.

If you are looking to change your bathroom tiles (or any other room) and need professional help, our team at Alita Tile is always there to guide you. Book an appointment today, and let’s get your tiling needs sorted!


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