Planning out a kid’s room can be pretty challenging. However, you can run your imagination as wild as possible and experiment in different room areas. However, you must ensure their hygiene and safety while selecting any aspect of their room. To that end, tiles play an essential role when setting up your kid’s room.

In the blog, we will look at some things you must consider while choosing the tiles for your kid’s room.

What to Consider When Buying Tiles for Kids’ Rooms


When you create a space for your kid, safety becomes one of your primary concerns. Therefore, you need to pick safe tiles that can be installed in your kid’s room. Besides being safe, the tiles should be comfortable and long-lasting so that you don’t have to spend a lot on them. You must ensure that all the sharp corners are rounded, so the kids don’t hurt themselves while crawling or playing. Also, you need to provide your child with a germ-free space where they are safe.


You must choose the color of the tiles for your child’s room very carefully as once they are installed, they cannot be changed frequently. Also, the room should be a representation of your kid, so choosing something that reflects their personality is always a plus. You can also go with decorative tiles if you want to enhance the appeal of your kid’s room.

Resistance Power

Kids spend most of the day either crawling or playing on the floor. You must ensure that the floor is resistant enough to withstand regular wear and tear. You can go with polymer tiles if you are looking for an additional layer of protection.


There are different types of tiles available in the market. These tiles vary in size and price. Therefore, you must establish a budget before picking the tiles for your kid’s room. It would be best if you also calculated the average price per square foot to ascertain the cost for the entire project. Once you have a budget, you can view all your options and then go with the tiles available within your budget.


Floor tiles are available in different sizes. Smaller tiles available in 12 X 12 or 16 X 16 inches are ideal for the bedroom. If you have a small apartment, you can use the medium-sized tiles for your home. However, if you have a spacious room, you can go with large tiles as they will make your kid’s room appear larger.

Buying tiles for a room is a significant investment, so you shouldn’t rush through the process. If you are looking for the perfect tiles for your room, reach out to Alita Tile today. We believe in giving all our customers the best tile shopping experience, so get in touch!